Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring has arrived in Allegany County

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After such a cold, snowy, drawn-out winter, it finally feels like spring.  The whole region is filled with brightly blooming trees, fragrant flowers, warm breezes, and sunny skies.  Sounds of birds chirping, wind blowing, raindrops tapping, and yes...lawnmowers mowing, can be heard throughout the hills.  The leaves of all the trees popped out just this past weekend and filled the valleys and surrounding mountains with deep green foliage.  This is truly one of our favorite times of the entire year.

Ryan Wratchford DDS

We have beautiful flowers and scenery displays on our numerous wide-screen displays throughout the building.  That's just one of the many ways our dental patients feel at home and relaxed during their dental visits.  Ceiling TV's give you something nice to look at during your dental procedure.  Dental implants, fillings, cleanings, dentures, crowns, bridges, whitening... no matter what you're here for, you'll have some splendid scenery to enjoy while it's going on.

Here are some pictures we have taken of springtime foliage and decorations at our dental office. 
Have a wonderful spring season!  Feel free to stop in and pay us a visit.

Spring in Cumberland Maryland 21502
Decorative Entry Door
Laceleaf Japanese Maple
Laceleaf Japanese Maple
Flower Bed
Rock Garden
Pretty Flowers
Grassy Flowers
Flower Basket
Flower Beds
Euonymous Shrub
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